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To: University of Sheffield

University of Sheffield for Fossil Free Research

University of Sheffield for Fossil Free Research

In November 2015, the University of Sheffield committed to ending its financial investments in the fossil fuel industry because it is immoral to profit from climate injustice. We are now calling on the University to sever all of its research ties with the fossil fuel industry. This means refusing to accept any funding from fossil fuel companies to conduct research. If it’s wrong to profit from climate change, it’s wrong to produce knowledge perpetuating the crisis.

Why is this important?

Fossil fuel companies are driving and profiting from the climate crisis and the havoc it is wreaking to the lives of the world's most vulnerable people. The University has committed to financial divestment, but this is not enough. By severing its research links with the fossil fuel industry, the University can become fully fossil free and most effectively revoke the social license it affords to fossil fuel companies to perpetuate climate chaos and stop contributing to the production of co2lonial knowledge used to extract fossil fuels itself.

University of Sheffield

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Reasons for signing

  • This could be regarded as slavery economic gain exploiting the vulnerable and those with no voice. lets move forward in a positive way.


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