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To: The University of Edinburgh

Responsible Investment for the University of Edinburgh

🎉 Victory! 🎉 In February 2018 People & Planet was proud to announce that the University of Edinburgh committed to fully divest fossil fuel companies from its £322+ million investment portfolio. An absolutely huge congratulations to Edinburgh People & Planet for their tenacity & commitment to climate justice. Without them this win would not have been possible.

Now Edinburgh students are demanding their university aligns its careers services with its green image & excludes oil, gas & mining companies from student recruitment 📢 Add your voice & amplify the call here

Keep us winning 👉

We want the University of Edinburgh to create a robust responsible investment policy that screens out fossil fuels and the arms trade, and makes the investment process more responsible, accountable and democratic.

For more information about our campaign and to get involved, please visit:

Why is this important?

Edinburgh University has over £230 million worth of investments. The companies receiving some of this bountiful fund include 3 arms companies. A massive 16% of the University's endowment goes to fossil fuel companies, undermining the goals of the University's 'Climate Action Plan', which aims to reduce the university's carbon footprint by 29% by 2020. On top of all this, numerous companies that the University invests in, including Shell and Monsanto, have been accused of human rights abuses.

With the 3rd largest endowment fund in the UK, and the largest in Scotland, the University of Edinburgh has the opportunity to lead the way on sustainability and social responsibility in finance. The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body whose mission it is, amongst others, to ‘make a significant, sustainable and socially responsible contribution to Scotland, the UK and the world’. We want this mission to be reflected in the university’s investment portfolio.
The University Of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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