To: The Ambler Borough Council

Divest Ambler, PA from Fossil Fuels

Divest Ambler, PA from Fossil Fuels

Immediately freeze any new investments in fossil fuels. Divest from direct ownership and any commingled funds that include fossil fuel public equities and corporate bonds within 5 years.

Why is this important?

Climate Change is causing extreme weather that has resulted in natural disasters. Areas of Ambler have been struck by catastrophic flooding. The use of fossil fuels is contributing to our problems. We must take this initiative, a positive step that leads the way towards a sustainable existence.

Ambler, PA

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Reasons for signing

  • We have only one planet and it will become uninhabitable because of our use of fossil fuels and the oil industry's efforts to pull the wool over our eyes in order to make money.
  • Fossil fuels are a major contributor to climate change, and thus, sea level rise. Their attainment also fouls our inland and coastal waters and harms the health of many terrestrial and oceanic species.Ambler should not invest in such harmful industries. West Coast Director Surfers' Environmental Alliance
  • All local communities need to band together to get our climate message out!


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