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To: The City Council of Fremont, California

Divest Fremont from Fossil Fuels

Divest Fremont from Fossil Fuels

Continued use of fossil fuels endangers the well being of the citizens of Fremont and people around the world. The city of Fremont should immediately freeze any new investments in fossil fuels and divest from direct ownership in any commingled funds that include fossil fuel public equities and corporate bonds within 5 years. Specifically, we are asking the City Council to:

1. Order all asset managers of all city funds to immediately stop any new investment in fossil fuel companies;
2. Ensure that within 5 years none of city's directly held or commingled assets include holdings of either public equities or corporate bonds in fossil fuel companies as determined by the Carbon Tracker list (see below); and
3. Release quarterly updates, available to the public, detailing progress made towards full divestment.

Why is this important?

As a city on the San Francisco Bay, rising sea levels will endanger property, transportation, and community. As a diverse city, our citizens have family and friends around the world, and they will be impacted, too. No one is immune from the impacts of climate change.

It's wrong to wreck the climate. It's wrong to profit from wrecking the climate. Fremont should divest from the number one industry that is wrecking climates world-wide: the fossil fuel industry.

Divestment from fossil fuel companies will:

a) drive public awareness of the incalculable damage being done by the fossil fuel industry as it generates huge immediate profits in exchange for an uninhabitable future;
b) build public recognition of the urgent need to drastically and rapidly reduce humanity’s dependence on fossil fuels;
c) call widespread attention to the consequences of continuing a “business as usual” approach to extracting, marketing and burning fossil fuel;
d) lead to inspiring an urgent, accelerated and popular commitment to leave untapped 80% of the known carbon reserves,while developing renewable energy resources capable of meeting humanity’s needs – thus making it possible that life as we have known it might continue on earth.

You can read the Carbon Tracker list at

How it will be delivered

Signatures will be delivered to City Council members at a City Council meeting. We hope to arrange for press coverage of this.

Fremont, CA

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Here's what you can do:
1. If you haven’t already so, please join the Google Group by clicking on this link:!contactowner/divestment-california, then try to send an email, you won't be able to but you'll be taken to a screen where you can click a link to request to join the group.
2. If you're on Facebook, find and "Like" both "Fossil Free CA" and "Pass SB185". If you then hover your mouse over the "Liked" button and click "Get Notifications," you'll get notified every time the owners of the pages post something. You can also follow them on Twitter.

2015-05-14 00:28:02 -0400

Senate Bill 185, the Public Divestiture from Thermal Coal Companies bill, is one of the four bills in this year’s climate package, sponsored by State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León. The bill will require CalPERS and CalSTRS to divest from companies that mine coal, and also to study the feasibility of divesting from oil and gas as well. We anticipate a tough fight getting SB185 through the Assembly after it passes the Senate late this month or early next, and it will be all hands on deck in early June. SB185 will be the first divestment bill passed by a state, and we think it is tremendously important even though it only requires divestment from companies that mine coal.

2015-05-14 00:27:34 -0400

Sometime in the past few years, you signed a petition calling on the Fremont City Council (California) to divest from fossil fuels. Those petitions were delivered to the City Council, and then they did nothing. We'll want to get ourselves organized to put some pressure on the City, but for now, I invite you to focus on SB185. This is the first of several messages about that effort.

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100 signatures reached

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