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To: Surrey Council Council Pension Fund



Remove all investments in oil, gas and coal.

Why is this important?

The Surrey Pension Fund still has millions of pounds invested directly in climate wrecking fossil fuels despite the efforts of our DivestSurrey campaign and many similar campaign groups across Surrey to persuade them to divest.

But it gets worse……

The misguided decision making of the pension committee has resulted in a loss of £50 million as the value of these stocks have plummeted across the globe. Exactly what a growing number of financial experts have predicted.

Illogical and irresponsible decisions being made now by the SPF are not only environmentally destroying our planet but are financially inept.

Please help us persuade the Surrey Pension Fund to remove these investments by signing up to our campaign. Please also tick the yes button below your details so we can keep you involved with the campaign.

Many thanks

Surrey, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Stop with the tinkering and procrastinating - divest and support clean energy right now. Science says we must, technology says we can.
  • “Why are you trying to save the planet?” “Because I’m one of the idiots that lives on it!”


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