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Divest all investments in the fossil fuel industry from the Surrey Pension Fund and invest in green energy alternatives.

Why is this important?

Many organisations and individuals are now choosing to divest from the fossil fuel industry. They feel that to seek financial returns from a business whose activities are moving us nearer to catastrophic climate change and its consequences does not fit in with their own social and ethical objectives.

The Surrey Pension Fund has £105 million invested in fossil fuels, £3million of that in Canadian Tar Sands, the most polluting of all fossil fuel businesses.

Surrey, United Kingdom


Reasons for signing

  • For my grandchildren
  • Surely it a no-brainer? As in, I want my pension contributions to fund a sustainable future rather than ecological catastrophe!
  • I've got 2 young grand children. They're not going to thank this generation for wrecking the environment.


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