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Fossil Free SLC: Divest or Minimize Salt Lake City/County from Fossil Fuels

Fossil Free SLC:  Divest or Minimize Salt Lake City/County from Fossil Fuels

Divest or Reduce fossil fuel investments and systemic purchases, through alternative-energy investments in building energy systems efficiency, local fossil fuel resource development, solar and renewable energy generation resources, and fossil fuel consuming industries and transportation infrastructure elements, sufficiently to reduce carbon-based energy growth to zero within ten years, and renewable energy resource utilization to 90% within twenty years.

Why is this important?

350.Org carbon reduction leadership fits Salt Lake City's pattern of environmental leadership! Given the regional abundance of solar energy alternative technologies (PV, geothermal, solar-thermal/SGSPs) and wind; given local governmental experience with built-environment energy efficiency leadership, including USGBC-LEED and many solar-energy initiatives; and given the City and County's leadership experience with energy sustainability through the 2002 Winter Olympics, a 350.Org program is critical to the implementation of fossil-fuel, carbon-based energy generation practices and technology applications. But time is running out! We MUST pitch in to generate MEANINGFUL CHANGE!

Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County, Utah

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