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To: UN Climate Chief, President of the Republic of the Philippines, Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources

Make Palawan, Philippines Coal-Free

Make Palawan, Philippines Coal-Free

Please stop any coal-fired power plant projects in the province of Palawan!

Why is this important?

We, the Concerned People of Palawan and supporters, implore your good heart to listen to our pleas to stop the construction of coal-fired power plants, specifically, DMCI's project, in Narra, Palawan. We do not want the use of fossil fuels in our province now or in the future.

Our opposition to the coal-fired power plants is not brought by sentimental reasons or fear of change. Our opposition is backed by worldwide experience and science that coal-burning power plants are the biggest source of carbon emissions, pose grave threat to the health of the people, and speed up global warming. Global Warming is a phenomenon that wreaks havoc to the environment and brings us highly destructive weather patterns like Yolanda (Hainan).

The Bureau of Mines and Geosciences of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources has identified the municipality of Narra as highly susceptible to landslides and flooding and any minute change in the sea level, weather pattern and environment poses enumerable danger to us, Narra residents. Knowing these natural hazards, a coal power plant that emits poisonous gases, with its accompanying coal ash pond and slurry on our shores, is a death sentence to our seas and farms- the primary source of our food.

Please stop the coal-fired power plant and look into cleaner and safer technologies available where investing is wiser in the long run.

We ask you to protect our lives and our future. Please keep Palawan, the most beautiful island in the world, the Philippines' Last Ecological Frontier, home of the world-renowned Underground River, and a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve, coal-free! Please stop coal-fired power plants!

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Palawan, MIMAROPA, Philippines

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You know grief? This: PCSD allowed itself to become a puppet by the most powerful in Palawan. Traitors! But can you expect PCSD to thumb down the coal-fired power plant when its very chair is the governor and a business ally of DMCI? Conscienceless council members approved the project despite the glaring incongruence to their mission-vision for Palawan. What happened to the SEP law? What happened to YOU?? Your sin against Palawan and its people will be upon your heads up to the last days!

2015-05-26 09:25:13 -0400

The resolution of the Sangguniang Bayan of the Municipality of Narra (who has the jurisdiction over Barangay (Village) Bato-Bato endorsing the coal-fired power plant project was received already by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) of the Province of Palawan, Philippines. The said project was duly approved by the SP today; in effect, they are endorsing the CFPP to the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD). PCSD is chaired by the Governor of Palawan, a staunch supporter and promoter of coal plant.

Is this the beginning of the demise of Palawan?

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The people of Palawan has toppled the proposed coal-fired power plant project in the village of Panacan, Narra, Palawan. A year or two after, they targeted San Juan, Aborlan, Palawan in the Philippines where they faced the ire of local residents. Again, they failed. Now the same company, DMCI, is pushing for the construction of a coal-fired power plant in the village of San Isidro, Narra, Palawan. The village officials obviously connived with the higher officials in the municipal and province to fast-track the endorsement of the coal plant.

For the third time, we will win against coal! We just need to unite ourselves and fight!


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