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To: Association of North East Councils, Northumbria Pension Fund, and N.E. businesses

North East DIVEST - Leave it in the Ground

North East DIVEST - Leave it in the Ground

Divest from fossil fuels, direct ownership and any commingled funds that include fossil fuel public equities and corporate bonds within the next five years.
Support the region's renewable energy suppliers and invest in renewable energy.

Why is this important?

Because Climate Change brings all manner of changes to our living experiences at this present time. This is not only for us in the UK, but for many other of the human race around the world. Fossil fuel reserves are more than three times higher than we can afford to burn in order to stay below the generally agreed threshold for dangerous climate change. Our children should not have to face the difficulties we are setting up for them by continuing to rely on fossil fuels.
The effects on the Southern Pacific Islands and other Small Island States illustrate to us that the only moral choice for institutions that care about the planet and it's residents, is divestment.

Alnwick, United Kingdom

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