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To: Lund's Municipality

Fossil Free Lund

The decision was made in January - Lund will rid itself of fossil fuel investments!

Fossil Free Lund

Lund voted to rid itself of fossil fuel investment in January 2017, and the campaign has won!

Divest Lund's money from supporting oil, coal and gas.

All money that Lund's municipality manages should be invested in projects, enterprises and research that develops and promotes sustainable renewable energy sources, local food production, public transportation and other sustainable local efforts.

Invest our money in local education for children, youth as well as adults about climate change and how we can lessen our impact on the planet and contribute to a sustainable Lund.

Why is this important?

Today fossil fuels (oil, gas and coal) stand for the biggest amount of negative impact on our climate and planet by far measures. 95% of the world's researchers have reached a consensus on the fact that climate change is mainly due to human activity. Therefore, change can happen and needs to happen now.

And we need to be a vital part of that change which is the national movement Fossil Free Sweden; hence be a part of the solution for a more sustainable world. There is already a Fossil Free Lund University Campaign launched and we need to make this change happen on all levels.

Lund, Sverige

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